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FUSE-IT Fusing Machinery ..."The Industry Standard"

Made in U.S.A.

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FM12000, FM18000, 

Left hand side extension table 
optional with FM12000 and FM18000

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Why so popular?

Because of ease of maintenance, the FUSE-IT is an easy choice. Since the ease of operation, workmanship, and maintainability are apparent, customer satisfaction is readily achieved.

Furthermore... Since so many varied customers are using the FUSE-IT, dozens of attachments and work assists have been developed to make almost any job easier.

Assists include:

Waistband attachment, belt loop folder, bra strap folder, spaghetti folder, lace applying guide, and numerous other work saving devices as well as rewinders and stacker are available.

At least 90% of all fusing is done with small parts, such as cuffs, collars, waistbands, belts, epaulettes, plackets, shirt cuffs, etc., and it is for this application that the FUSE-IT has been designed.

The FUSE-IT is a practical line of fusing machinery made to meet the demanding requirements of every sewing plant for efficiency in small parts fusing. The fusing area is available in various widths with an unlimited range in length because of its continuous belt.


The same basic machine is available in standard 6", 12", 18" and 24" widths.  Other sizes are made to order.  A high-pressure model is also available  If you don't see it... Ask!...It's probably readily available!


The FUSE-IT is a high quality production machine which can be utilized by two or more operators at one time. 

On most operations, the operators are unable to keep up with the speed of the machine.

Feature highlights

The FUSE-IT comes with a specially treated, non-stick silicone belt.  The belt tracks with ease, and, when necessary, can be replaced in less than ten minutes.  The FUSE-IT is a free-arm machine, which allows any width of material to be passed through to access the fusing surface.  The variable thermostat allows a temperature range of 150� - 500� F.  The FUSE-IT comes complete, ready to operate, in its own free-standing work station.

Optional Equipment

Options include a stacker which automatically stacks small parts; an automatic rewinder for rewinding waistbands and other rolled goods; various fusing surface widths; cabinet extensions; custom folders are available for belts, belt loops, waistbands, bra straps, etc.

Special features

FUSE-IT is a well designed and solidly constructed machine which will provide many years of service.  The free-arm design, the long life, and e-z track non-stick belt make it the right machine for your fusing operation.  It is portable and can be readily moved to any desired location in your plant.


The FUSE-IT is easily maintained by your plant mechanic.   It is fully warranted against defects in workmanship for one year.  All parts are in bearings, and any part deemed defective will be replaced, free of charge, during the one year warranty period, with the exception of the top or bottom belt. (Because of the possibility of abuse, there is no warranty on the belts.) The average life span of a belt runs from six months to two years.

FUSE-IT Features:

bulletIndependently controlled top and bottom temperature 150� - 500� F
bulletTemperature accuracy > + 2%
bulletVariable speed, 4-24 sec. dwell time
bulletSolid state electronic speed control
bulletVariable pressure
bulletSilicone top belt - tracks with ease
bulletTeflon-fiberglass fusing surface
bulletEmergency release lever
bulletFree arm (open end) design
bulletContinuous fusing surface
bulletComplete in its own cabinet

Production Chart

GarmentOperator(s)8 Hour
(Qty Per Day)
Waist Bands

48" Pieces





Waist Bands Roll15,440

FUSE-IT Pricing

Model #DescriptionPrice
FM60006" Wide Fusing MachineCall for pricing
FM12000e12" Wide Table Top Fusing MachineCall for pricing
FM1200012" Wide Fusing MachineCall for pricing
FM1800018" Wide Fusing MachineCall for pricing
FM2400024" Wide Fusing MachineCall for pricing
 Crating Charge (per machine)


 Export Crating$185.00
These machines are manufactured in the United States and are warranted against defects in workmanship for one year. 
Prices are F.O.B. Dunmore, PA USA.
PSR reserves the right to add or delete features and make design alterations without notice.

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