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History of AC/PSR Industries Inc.

We are a group of manufacturing companies that continue to grow and expand through the development of new products by an ongoing commitment to research and development. In addition, we are constantly searching for acquisition opportunities.

We sell our products direct to the end user as well as through dealers and distributors. Over the years, as we have grown and prospered, we have developed a loyal and extensive dealer and distributor network throughout the United States and the world. This network of customers throughout the world, provides us with a never ending source of sales as well as ideas for new products.

Following is a brief history of our companies:

PSR / Pennsylvania Sewing Research Corporation was founded in 1950 to address the need for practical and economical solutions for the sewn products industries. Through the years, PSR has developed and patented several items. Among these many items are the PSR table truck, various magnetic hook and eye feet, a drapery pleater, an automatic clamping device for sewing jacket lapels, as well as a fusing machine with a free arm or open end design. PSR's main emphasis is the manufacturing of small economically priced fusing machines, belt loop processors and rewinding devices.

In 1976, we formulated our strategic plan to grow and gain market share by developing new products and making acquisitions. The first fruits of this acquisition process were Atlas Rapid-Racks, Inc.

Atlas Rapid-Racks, Incorporated manufactures a complete line of do-it-yourself pipe and rack fittings, along with trolley and conveyor components. In addition to manufacturing some of our own products, we buy and resell complimentary products of other companies.

AC / Automated Components International was acquired in 1985. The principal products that AC manufactures include part and pocket creasers, hanger dispensers, stackers, impact cutters, air scissors and air operated devices to make turning and inverting operations easier.

Silverman Machines International was a competitor of Automated Components in the creasing field. Silverman was purchased by Automated Components in the fall of 1989. Since that time, Silverman has become known as the leader in machines for difficult to crease operations as well as specialty type creasing, thus complimenting the AC line of creasers. In addition, Silverman is the leading manufacturer of robotic stackers for the apparel industry and holds several international patents for this. Silverman also manufactures hanger dispensers, label pickers, air scissors, impact cutters and air-operated turning devices. In recent years, Silverman has developed a number of highly specialized automatic sewing stations. Silverman has recently been granted a patent for one of these automatic sewing stations.

S & G / Schreiber & Goldberg Limited was acquired in early 1992. S & G was also a competitor of Automated Components in the pocket creasing field. Since being acquired, S & G has ceased manufacturing of this line of pocket creasers. Schreiber & Goldberg manufactures a thermostatically controlled steam gun, inspection racks, collar notchers, and several inexpensive work aids. In addition, S & G purchases and resells a variety of difficult to find supplies and machines for the apparel trades.

Sal-Bee Machines Limited was also acquired in early 1992. Sal-Bee manufactures a wide variety of heat seal and heat press machines that can be custom designed with virtually any size and shape pressing platens to meet specific needs, as well as high-pressure - platen type fusing machines.

Artwood Puller International was acquired by Schreiber & Goldberg in the fall of 1999. Artwood Puller manufactures a complete line of variable speed and intermittent pullers for a variety of machines and applications.

Keeton Products was acquired by Automated Components in the summer of 2001. Keeton Products manufactures a variety of cut apart and stack machines for knit placket fusing machines, as well as knit collars.

Beginning, January 1, 2002, in an effort to streamline bookkeeping and manufacturing operations, all of the above operations were consolidated under one corporate name, Automated Components International Limited.

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