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Automatic Hanger Dispenser / Clip Opener

Made in U.S.A.

Automatic Hanger Dispenser/Clip Opener
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Hanger Dispenser & Clip CloserPinch Grip Hanger Opener

Speedily, and simply permits the operator to hang any garment without ever touching the hanger!

...offers speedy pay-back!

The AC's Hanger Dispenser / Clip Opener is a neat, compact unit that fits on the work desk, table top or in the shipping department.

bulletOperated by one unskilled employee who effortlessly picks up a garment, slips it into the pre-opened hanger clip and then pulls the garment and hanger from the Hanger Dispenser/Pinch Grip Hanger unit and hangs it on the rack...or neatly packs it in a carton, depending on your operation.
bulletA highly developed activating mechanism is the secret of opening and closing the clip...permitting this fast, easy movement by the operator


Electrical110 Volt
Air80 PSI
Footprint20"W X 24"L
Weight70 lbs.
Production900 garments per hour


Model #:HDO-800
Price:Call for pricing
Crating Charge:


Export Crating$185.00
This machine is manufactured in the United States and is warranteed against defects in workmanship for one year. 
Prices are F.O.B. Dunmore, PA USA.
AC reserves the right to add or delete features and make design alterations without notice.

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