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Elevator Table

Interfaces with any Silverman stacker.  It is an air operated table that drops down a small amount each time the stacker cycles.  The elevator table helps give you a more uniform and accurate stack.

Incremental Elevator

An advanced model of the regular Elevator Table.  The descent rate can be precisely controlled, thus allowing for the accurate stacking of very thin or thick fabric parts.

Elevator Table with Bundle Shunt

This combination unit has an elevator table that drops down each time the stacker cycles.  The Bundle Shunt slides the stacked bundle off the elevator table, onto a side rail thus allowing the operator to continue producing while the floor help removes the finished bundle at their leisure.  The unit is designed for the bundle shunt to take place when the elevator table bottoms out or the operator depresses a button.   As an option, the bundle shunt will activate after the stacker stacks a preset number of pieces.  The number is determined by the operator and is easily changed.   The Elevator Table with Bundle Shunt can be used in multiple arrangements and shunts in different directions.


Model #DescriptionPrice
703Standard ElevatorCall for pricing
704Incremental ElevatorCall for pricing
717Combination Elevator Table with Bundle ShuntCall for pricing
Crating Charge (per machine)

NOTE: No crating charge for Standard or Incremental Elevator purchased with stacker.


Export Crating$185.00
These machines are manufactured in the United States and are warranteed against defects in workmanship for one year. 
Prices are F.O.B. Dunmore, PA USA.
Silverman reserves the right to add or delete features and make design alterations without notice.

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