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OGM - Garment Turner

Garment Turner

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The Model T-2 is a garment turner designed for T-shirts, sweatshirts, light pants, dress pants, etc. with adjustable nozzles. As an option, the T-2 can be delivered for wet turning as well. Machine can be supplied with sensor and/or foot pedal.

Use of vacuum turners: 

The vacuum turners remove most loose threads and fluff on the items. Compared to manual turning, the machine can increase the production up to 400%, per operator. 

Optical Sensor 

Adjustable vacuum time and sensor activating height. The operator is able to make the size changes with minimum instructions.


Turning CapacityUp to 900 Pieces per Hour
Pump TypeVacuum Type
Motor size2.2kW (3HP)
Motor voltage

220-480V, 50-60 Hz.

Vacuum Pressure9.000Pa
Nozzle sizes
bullet110mm for kid sizes
bullet140mm for adult sizes

195 Kg


650mm x 1200mm x 1740mm


Model #DescriptionPrice
T2-FTextile Turner, Exhauster Type with Foot Pedal
T2-C Textile Turner, Exhauster Type with Optical Sensor $
T2-FW Textile Turner, Exhauster Type with Foot Pedal for Dry/Wet Turning $
T2-CW Textile Turner, Exhauster Type with Optical Sensor for Dry/Wet Turning$

*** Additional charge for crating and freight, please call for quote.


Option DescriptionPrice
Casters $
Extra set of Nozzles ordered with Turner$
AC reserves the right to add or delete features and make design alterations without notice.

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