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OGM - Brushing Machine

Brushing Machine

The OGM Brushing Machine removes loose threads and fluff in a quick and easy way.

Ideal for use on bathrobes, bathmats, bath towels, shirts, trousers, car mats, and both velvet & velour products.

Almost no operator training required. Fully adjustable for different weight goods.

No daily care...

No installation required. Simply unpack the machine, connect to air and electric and begin using.


ProductionApproximately 6-8 car mats per minute 
Motor size1.5 kw
Motor voltage

220-480V, 50-60 Hz.

Air RequirementsNone
Footprint2.5m X 1m X 1.5m high 


Model #DescriptionPrice
BM Brushing Machine$
*** Additional charge for crating and freight, please call for quote.
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