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Click on the picture to see an enlargement of the machine.  
Shown with a 4" x 5" pressing head (Available in larger sizes)
bulletA simple machine which anyone can operate
bulletOwn a machine for less than you can rent one
bulletThermostatically controlled heat
bulletAvailable with top and bottom heat -- each with separate dial thermostats
bulletExcellent for applying transfers, initials, emblems and patches
bulletStores easily after short runs
bulletNo installation required
bulletSimplified operation
bulletTimer calibrated in seconds
bulletSilicone rubber pad on bottom table for even pressure
bulletRequires little maintenance
bulletTop and bottom Teflon covers for non-sticking surface
bulletPays for itself in labor savings

Various sizes available to meet your needs!



Electrical110 Volt, 3.5 amps
Footprint6"W X 12"L
Weight30 lbs.

Note: Above specifications for 4" x 5" platen size with top heat. Specifications will vary slightly for other size models.
SizeTop  Heat OnlyTop & Bottom Heat
4" X 5"

5" x 6"

10" x 10"

Various sizes available to meet your needs! 

Call for pricing!

This machine is manufactured in the United States and is warranteed against defects in workmanship for one year. 
Prices are F.O.B. Dunmore, PA USA.
SAL-BEE reserves the right to add or delete features and make design alterations without notice.

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